About Us

Perfectsuits was founded in 2008 using e bay as its main selling outlet, for suits, jackets, trousers, formal clothes, morning suits, dinner suits, over the past two years Perfectsuits has developed into a fully-fledged on line company selling outlet priced suits.

Perfectsuits is committed to supply high quality garments at very competitive prices, contain the range we sell so as to offer full value to our customers.

Perfectsuits will continue to improve our range with updated exciting styles, in all areas, as the fashion dictates, but not to lose sight of our core customer base, that relies on more traditional lines and styling.

Customer service also ranks very highly at Perfectsuits and our satisfaction level is second to none, and we welcome any feedback that may improve our service.

The future is to continue all the above and improve as we go along, and endeavour to become the number one on line suit shop.